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When you hear the term ‘career development,’ what do you think of?

In the Student Life Centre, we view your career development as a lifelong process of balancing the priorities most important in your life, with the choices you make throughout your career journey, to move you towards the goals for your preferred future. It’s that intentional combination of planning, reflection, and action that will help your career goals take shape.

The key word to understanding this process? Journey.

The shape of each student’s journey is unique, but the starting point is always the same: mySelf. Understanding who you are and how your unique values, skills and interests can contribute to your professional life is invaluable. When you understand what motivates you and can identify what excites you, you can start to build a career, as well as a meaningful life.

That’s why we’ve designed myCareerJourney. You’ll notice this career literacy model is a circle with no designated path. That’s because there is no straight line from point A to point B when it comes to developing your career. From your 1st year to your 4th year, you will learn to understand yourself and your interests, build your experience, articulate your skills, and inform yourself of the options available to you. You may also question them, re-question them, and possibly change your mind a few times. Changes in plans are a normal part of life and signal opportunities to grow and learn—embrace them!

Take a moment to explore the digital career resources within myCareerJourney and watch as new resources are added.

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