Work Study

Student smilingWhat is Work Study?

Brescia assists students each year through a part-time job program that allows students to supplement other resources through earnings.

Follow the four steps below to find out what your work study options are.

STEP ONE – Eligibility

Are you eligible to apply for work study? Certain conditions apply for Ontario Residents as well as International Students and Students from Other Provinces studying at Brescia.

Read more about Eligibility

STEP TWO – Work Study Application and Forms

Are you a Brescia student who wants to apply for the program or find out the procedures and guidelines for the work study program? Are you a work study supervisor and have a work study posting you would like to submit?

View Work Study Forms

STEP THREE – Work Study Postings

View the job postings available. Only students who have applied and have been approved for the program should be in contact with supervisors with posted positions.

View the Current Work Study Postings

STEP FOUR – Work Study Timesheets and Payroll

You need to submit your timesheet online no later than each Friday to ensure that your supervisor can review and approve your hours worked. Are you looking for a list of pay weeks or a recent pay stub? Are you looking to change your personal information with payroll or access your T4 or T4A electronically?

View the Work Study Payroll Information