Ancillary Fees Breakdown for 2018–2019

Fee Breakdown
Payment Options

Ancillary Fees Breakdown for 2018-2019

Description of Fee  Per Course
USC Health Plan$138.47$0.00$0.00
USC Dental Plan$141.50$0.00$0.00
Bus Pass$240.82$0.00$0.00
UWO Student Organization/Ancillary Fees$631.37$126.27$63.14
Brescia Student Service Fee$156.12$31.22$15.61
Brescia Student Council Fee and Student Council Special Project Fee$95.42$19.08$9.54
Brescia Student Sponsorship fund$
Brescia Off Campus Council Fee$3.00$0.60$0.30
Student Support Fee$50.00$10.00$5.00
TOTAL (YEAR 1)$1,461.70$188.17$94.09
Brescia Ring Payment Plan (Years 2 to 4)$50.00$10.00$5.00
TOTAL (YEARS 2 TO 4)$1,511.70$198.17$99.09
Additional Year 1 Fees:
Orientation Fee100.00
ID Card Fee31.00

Important Notes

*All ancillary fees are mandatory with the exception of:

– the USC Health Plan and USC Dental Plan, which students must pay for but can then opt-out of by September 26, 2018 for a refund (to be applied against fees). To opt-out and for complete details of the plan, please go to These fees are billable to any students taking a total course load of 3.5 or more.

-Bus Pass fees are billable to any students taking a minimum of 3.5 courses and are mandatory fees.

– the Orientation Fee, which Year 1 Full Time students must pay for but can then opt-out of between (TBD) (to be applied against fees).  To opt-out and for complete details of the Orientation program, please go to Not yet finalized for 2018-2019, more information to come.

*The Brescia Off Campus Council Fee is not charged to students residing in the Brescia Residence.

*The Brescia Ring Payment Plan Fee is collected from students in Years 2 to 4 and applied to the purchase of a Brescia Ring that each student will receive upon graduation. Contributions made towards the Ring Payment Plan are refundable if a student withdraws from Brescia prior to graduating.


This fee schedule does not include additional costs such as books and supplies, late fees, unsealing fees, NSF fees, parking fees or service fees. Please contact Deb Van Belois at extension 28308 for more information or by email to

Residence Fees

The meal plan is mandatory and non-refundable. All residence rooms are equipped with internet (RezNet). The cost of RezNet is included in the residence fee, as is the Residence Council Fee.

Contact Information

Deb Van Belois, Student Accounts
Phone: 519-432-8353 ext. 28308, Fax: 519-858-5116

Payment Options

Tuition/Residence fees can be paid in one installment or two. Visit our Fee Schedule for due dates and installment amounts.

For more information on paying your bill, please click here.


Scholarships are awarded based on merit (marks). Scholarships are applied directly to student accounts in July and August. Students who are eligible for a scholarship may deduct this amount from their first payment. For tax purposes, if you are awarded a scholarship, please supply your Social Insurance Number to the Business Office. Questions concerning eligibility for or amount of an admission or continuing scholarship should be directed to the Brescia Registrar’s Office at 519-858-5151.


Bursaries are non-repayable financial awards made on the basis of financial need. Entrance Bursaries are offered to students who will register for the first time at the College in September 2018 and are applied directly to the student’s account. Students eligible for an Entrance Bursary may deduct this amount from their first payment. General Bursaries are also available to students to apply for as needed during the course of the academic year. For more information on financial aid click here. Questions should be directed to Ariel Brown in the Business Office at extension 28382 or emailed to


Students with a course load of 60% (3 full courses) or more are eligible to apply for full-time OSAP funding. Students should apply online at OSAP enquiries should be directed to Ariel Brown at extension 28382 or For more information on OSAP please visit Brescia’s OSAP page.

Qualified OSAP students will be allowed to defer their fee payment until their OSAP funding is released. To qualify you must meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • Applied for OSAP by June 30th and submitted to Brescia all outstanding OSAP paperwork no later than the first Friday in July and;
  • Verified that you will be receiving OSAP funding and that your September disbursement of OSAP is enough to cover your 1st installment of fees. If it is not you will need to pay the difference by the August 13, 2018.

Before making any course changes, OSAP students are strongly recommended to contact Financial Aid at Brescia to determine the financial implications, if any.