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To ensure we can care for you in the ways that are most meaningful, please submit your most pressing questions and concerns, and we will either reach out to you directly or post your question, should it be of service to the broader population. In the coming weeks, it will be a living page where we develop an FAQ that touches on all aspects of your academic experiences, options and broader university journeys.

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Our thoughts are with our students and we empathize deeply with the ways the news about Brescia’s proposed transformation has affected you.




Welcome to the FAQ page regarding Brescia's proposed transformation and integration with Western University. To ensure we can care for you in the ways that are most meaningful, please see our most FAQ and If you have a question that is not answered, please visit this page to submit your questions and concerns.



Bold Stories

Madison Olson

“As a passionate believer in the empowerment of girls and women world-wide, I knew that Canada’s only women’s university was the place for me. Brescia is recognized for building and nurturing female leaders, something I not only find vitally important but also feeds into to my career aspirations.”

Madison Olson 
Jennifer Atwell

“Brescia is an inspiring place to be with a beautiful campus. It gave me the best of multiple worlds — first class instruction, a strong community, and the ability to take classes at all the other affiliate campuses. It was like a passport to enjoy the best of everything!”

Jennifer Atwell

Class of '07

Raine Williams

“You’re a little more eager to participate and ask questions, compared to larger classes and the profs are really good, I feel comfortable asking any kind of question.”

Raine Williams 



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