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Competency Based Learning

The Brescia Competencies are the building blocks of your Brescia experience. They help you to think critically and participate actively in society – attributes you will apply throughout your entire life. Regardless of what degree you choose, these skills, values, and abilities prepare you to lead with wisdom, justice, and compassion in a changing world.

What is a competency and why do they matter?

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Our Seven Competencies

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    The ability to exchange information and meaning across cultures, space, and time appropriately and correctly. This competency includes oral, written, and interpersonal communication, and the ability to use current or innovative media.

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    Critical Thinking

    The ability to engage in thinking characterized by the rational, informed, independent, and open-minded exploration of issues, ideas, and events before accepting or formulating a conclusion.

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    Inquiry & Analysis

    The ability to ask questions, examine issues, and reach informed conclusions by breaking down complex issues, exploring evidence, and describing relationships among persons, things, or events.

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    Problem Solving

    The ability to create and execute a strategy to answer a question or achieve a goal. Includes being able to anticipate the consequence of a potential solution, select a strategy among several alternatives, and decide when an acceptable outcome has been reached.

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    Self Awareness and Development

    The ability to draw meaning, knowledge and value from honest and fair reflection and self-evaluation. Students are able to recognize their emotions and patterns of thinking, their impact on others, and make a commitment to personal growth.

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    Social Awareness and Engagement

    The ability to respect and be open to diversity (e.g. cultural, religious, political) and social justice. Students take personal responsibility to actively engage in and contribute to creating positive change in local, regional, national, or global communities and societies.

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    The ability to make decisions or choose actions based on the consistent application of principles expressing fundamental values that are accepted on account of reason or spiritual insight.

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