FAQs Brescia's proposed integration with Western University

Our thoughts are with our students as we move through this proposed transition. To ensure we can care for you in ways that are most meaningful, please see below some frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have a question that is not answered, please submit one. 

Q. What is Brescia’s proposed integration with Western University? 

Brescia University College and Western University have proposed a process that will see Brescia fully integrate with Western as of May 2024, at which point it will wind down operations as an affiliated university college. 

The move was initiated by Brescia’s president, Lauretta Frederking, with endorsement from Brescia’s Board of Trustees, who saw an opportunity to extend Brescia’s legacy while responding to an increasingly diverse undergraduate student body. The agreement is focused on meeting the needs of today’s students and finding new ways to realize the vision of Brescia’s founders. 

Q. Why is this happening now? 

We’ve spoken about responding to changing realities for many years. Entering the renegotiation period for our affiliation agreement, we recognized that it was the right time to talk through the next chapter of our relationship. 

Through Brescia’s integration with Western University, we will be better positioned to enhance educational outcomes for the students with the greatest needs as we look towards the future. 

Like all academic institutions in Ontario, both large and small, Brescia faces real cost pressures as a result of gaps in funding and tuition policy, and in our case, changes in enrollment. But we want to make clear the integration goes far beyond financial considerations for both Brescia, and Western.  

As we look to the future, Brescia has the opportunity to continue meeting the needs of society in the spirit of the Ursuline tradition. We’re excited to have the chance to open our doors to a wider group of young people, including equity-deserving groups, to meet their educational needs and facilitate greater access to postsecondary education. 

Q. Does this mean enrolment has declined? 

This isn’t about a year-over-year change in enrolment. It’s about responding to a longer trend of changing demand and evolving student needs. To put this in context, we’re looking at a half-century of transformation in women’s education, and it’s the historical reality we’re living in. We believe that we’re proactively responding to change and protecting the best long-term interest of students, staff and faculty to ensure they have a terrific future. 

Q. What does this mean for current Brescia students? 

As we navigate the terms of the integration together, we’ll work hard to ensure a smooth transition in terms of academics and culture. We know how important the Brescia experience is to our student body, and we’re committed to ensuring the central tenets of that experience remain through the coming year. 

Q. Are there options for students who choose not to attend Western?

As is the case each year, students who decide to fully withdraw from their studies by September 30, 2023, will receive a full tuition and fees refund (excluding Health/Dental, virtual doctor, and Bus pass fees at this time). If you are a resident of Clare Hall and decide to withdraw, a full refund including any portion of the meal plan that is not yet spent will be processed. Please note that any scholarships or program awards will be rescinded. 

If you decide that you wish to transfer to another affiliate campus (King's or Huron), you will be able to do this through the Intent to Register (ITR) process that is held in March 2024.

Q. How many students will be transferring from Brescia to Western? 

Brescia has roughly 1,200 students enrolled. On May 1, 2024, all Brescia students will be transferred to Western and will be able to complete their program of study and remain in their current residence. 

Q. How will this affect Brescia faculty and staff? 

The wellbeing of our colleagues is of paramount concern to Brescia leadership. We appreciate the stress this integration may cause some and we will be proactively communicating updates throughout the process. Permanent faculty/staff, as well as contract faculty with sessional teaching appointments, will have the option to continue their employment at Western, and contract faculty/staff will be prioritized as internal candidates for available jobs. 

Program & Course Information  


Q. I have questions about how this will affect my specific program or course of study. Who should I contact? 

Details on how this will affect specific programs will be determined as we navigate the terms of the integration with Western. We’ll work hard to ensure a smooth transition in terms of academics and culture and will have more information for students in the weeks ahead.

Q. Do I have to be accepted back into my program if I move over to Western’s campus?

Brescia students will remain in their existing Brescia modules as they continue their studies. 

Q. If I am in undeclared status or a general first year program, can I still complete my Intent to Register in March 2024 to continue in a Brescia module?

Yes, even though you will be considered a Western student as of May 1, 2024, you will be able to select a Brescia module through the Intent to Register process in March 2024. 

Q. Where will the Foods and Nutrition and Family Studies and Human Development programs be hosted once the integration is complete?

Both Foods and Nutrition and Family Studies and Human Development will be hosted by the Faculty of Health Sciences once the integration is complete.

Q. Will the Direct Pathways through the Faculty of Education at Western University still be an option for students following a Brescia module?

Yes, we have confirmed with the Faculty of Education that these pathway opportunities will continue for both French and Family Studies and Human Development students.

Scholarships & Financial Support  


Q. What is happening with Brescia’s Continuing Scholarships?

Your scholarships will not be affected once you become a Western student.

Q. Will the BOLDWorks Work Study program continue?

Yes, the BOLDWorks Work Study program will continue to be offered for the current academic year until April 2024. 

Clare Hall Residence 


Q. What will happen to the Clare Hall residence? 

Clare Hall will remain a student residence. Current Brescia students who live in Clare Hall may remain in residence for the duration of their enrolment at Western, up to a maximum of four years. These four years include time already spent in residence.  

Q. Will Clare Hall become co-ed once Western assumes it? 
Clare Hall residence will remain an all-female identifying residence with a Brescia Soph team, subject to demand.  
Q. Will the Mercato remain open along with Clare Hall? 

The Mercato will remain open, as it serves as the residence dining hall for Clare Hall. 

Studying at Western


Q. Will class sizes be larger at Western? 

This will depend on the faculty and year you are in. Some class sizes will be larger and some will be comparable to Brescia’s existing class sizes 

Q. Does tuition cost more at Western than Brescia? 

Brescia’s tuition is set by Western and therefore, tuition rates are comparable between the campuses

Q. Will Brescia’s current exchange programs remain an option after May 2024?

Western remains committed to providing students with global learning opportunities and updates regarding existing international exchange agreements will be communicated shortly. 

Q. I am interested in applying to Foods and Nutrition and/or the Family Studies and Human Development program for September 2024 intake. How do I do that? 

Students interested in applying to study Foods and Nutrition and/or Family Studies and Human Development at Western will be able to apply to the program through OUAC in the coming weeks.  



Q. How will Brescia’s integration with Western affect convocation for current Brescia students?

On the date of June 2024 convocation for graduating students, Western will plan for a collective walk from Ursuline Hall to Alumni Hall before the ceremony, and a reception on Brescia's campus for graduates and families afterwards.. 

Campus Safety 


Q. Western has experienced claims of violence against women in recent years – what do you say to women, or parents of Brescia students, who might be worried about a move to Western?

Both Western and Brescia are committed to ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all students. In recent years, Western has been actively adding new services and supports to ensure everyone feels safe on our campus. We pay a lot of attention to what we can do proactively to prevent gender-based sexual violence – from the way we train our orientation week leaders to more special constables and security patrols, to diverse programming so that our students can enjoy campus life in a way that feels right to them, to health and safety advisors embedded in our residences. 



Q. Will there still be a Brescia Ball?

The Brescia University College Students’ Council (BUCSC) will provide an update on the Brescia Ball when there is one available.

Q. Will there be any dedicated spaces on Western's campus for Brescia students?

Western will identify a dedicated Brescia Student Lounge for Brescia students to stay connected outside of the classroom.

Q. Will there be any special measures taken to integrate Brescia students into the Western community?

Western will create transition packages for all Brescia students with information on available on- and off-campus supports.

Western will work to develop Brescia-specific student supports within the Student Experience portfolio to connect students to the assistance they need.


Supports for Students     


Q. What health & wellness support do I have available to me? 
  1. 20-minute Crisis VIRTUAL Appointments with a clinically-trained therapist at Brescia - 
  2. REACH OUT 24/5 - call/text 519-433-2023
  3. Togetherall - https://account.v2.togetherall.com/log-in
  4. Brescia Student Wellness - email buc.studentwellness@uwo.ca
  5. In-person peer to peer support in MSJ 157. 
  6. Find out about compassionate consideration 

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