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Bold Stories

Grace Wu

“It was such a wonderful experience to learn and translate community development concepts and principles into real-world practice. It was an opportunity to foster dialogue that has built, deepened and strengthened our ability to create a safe community for all.”

Qiaoyu Wu

Class of 2019

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“Personally, through CSL, I have gained an enriching experience all while simultaneously earning an academic credit and increasing my exposure to the many job opportunities available after post-secondary education.”

Maddison Mehring

Class of 2019


“Thanks to mentoring in the field by our amazing community partners, students leave Brescia with a much richer educational experience, grounded in both the classroom and wider community. After graduating from the Community Development Program, students go forth boldly into the world, confident in their abilities to work in community with others to create lasting and positive change.”

Dr. Lisa Jakubowski

Associate Professor, Sociology, School of Leadership and Social Change

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“Many students told me that they now know better what Dietitians do in community nutrition and are more interested in a career in this field. As a public health dietitian, it was an excellent way for me to accomplish community objectives with the energy of young, aspiring students.”

Ellen Lakusiak, RD

Contract Faculty, Foods & Nutritional Sciences

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