Chef Tim D'Souza in the mercato

Catering Services

Brescia offers on-campus catering and commonly hosts weddings, conferences and small events. Whether you are looking for an innovative or traditional dish, our team of experienced chefs will put together a custom menu tailored to your needs.

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Bold Stories

Amy Karpenko

“The people who work in food services are incredible. You seldom have a day when someone does not greet you with a smile and asks you how your day is going. Through regular conversations, I have got to know many of the staff who make my meals. Not only do I get a delicious meal, but also a constant comfort.”

Amy Karpenko 
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“The Mercato staff are more than just staff, they are family. They are the smiling faces that we get to see after a long day. They go above and beyond for each and every one of us! They give great big hugs when I go home for Christmas and the summer. But most importantly, they are the reason it feels okay to be away from home, because they make Brescia feel like my second home!”

Katie Lindemann 

Key Contacts

  • Tim D'Souza

    Tim D'Souza

    Food Services Manager
    Tel: 519-432-8353 x28064
    Office: Clare Hall, Mercato

  • Lori Dumas

    Lori Dumas

    Hospitality Coordinator
    Tel: 519-432-8353
    Office: Clare Hall, Mercato

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