Dr. Edward Bell

Dr. Edward Bell

Job Title:

 Professor, Sociology


 Full-Time Faculty




 519.432.8353 x28236


 Ursuline Hall 321

Academic Background

  • Ph.D., McGill University
  • M.A., University of Alberta
  • B.A., University of Victoria

Research and Scholarly Interests

  • Political Sociology
  • Behaviour Genetic Study of Politics
  • Social Movements
  • Social Change


  • Sociology 2205A/B - Statistics for Sociology
  • Sociology 2206A/B - Research Methods in Sociology 
  • Sociology 3306A/B - Investigating the Social World: Quantitative Research

My teaching philosophy: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” (William Butler Yeats, with apologies to Plutarch).

Recipient of 2017 Award for Excellence in Teaching (Full-Time Faculty).

Representative Publications

  • Edward Bell, Christopher T. Dawes, Aaron Weinschenk, Rainer Riemann, and Christian Kandler. “Patterns and Sources of the Association between Intelligence, Party Identification, and Political Orientations.” Forthcoming in Intelligence.
  • Aaron Weinschenk, Christopher Dawes, Christian Kandler, Edward Bell, and Rainer Riemann. (2019). “New Evidence on the Link Between Genes, Psychological Traits, and Political Engagement.” Politics and the Life Sciences 38 (1): 1-13. This article was discussed in a piece in Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/caveman-politics/201909/nature-and-nurture-connecting-personality-politics
  • Alan Bryman and Edward Bell. (2019). Social Research Methods (Fifth Canadian Edition). Don Mills: Oxford University Press.
  • Edward Bell, Christian Kandler, and Rainer Riemann. (2018). “Genetic and Environmental Influences on Socio-Political Attitudes: Addressing Some Gaps in the New Paradigm.” Politics and the Life Sciences 37 (2): 236-249.
  • Edward Bell and Christian Kandler. (2017). “The Genetic and Sociological: Exploring the Possibility of Consilience.” Sociology 51 (4): 880-896. Nominated for the 2018 SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence.
  • Christian Kandler, Edward Bell, and Rainer Riemann. (2016). “The Structure and Sources of Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominance Orientation.” European Journal of Personality 30: 406-420.
  • Edward Bell. “Genotype-Environment Interactions.” (2016). Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences: 1-8. Springer International Publishing.
  • Edward Bell and Christian Kandler (2015). “The Origins of Party Identification and its Relationship to Political Orientations.” Personality and Individual Differences 83: 136-141.

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