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Criminal Justice

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a criminal, or whether our justice system is as effective as it could be?

When you choose to study Criminal Justice, you will examine the legal challenges of the Canadian justice system and consider the social context in which crime occurs. Explore Canadian law, social policies and the courts, dive into the implications of domestic violence or discover strategies used to prevent crime. Under the guidance of your inspiring professors, you will analyze offender motivation, interpret crime patterns and learn about the factors that influence the commission of crimes through a variety of dynamic courses, including: Police and Security, Crime and Society, or Administration of Criminal Justice.

Your Criminal Justice experience doesn’t end in the classroom. Outside the classroom, you can tailor your research to your personal interests! Or, take part in a service learning opportunity to make a large impact within London and the regional community. The Criminal Justice program  will help you build your social and professional network well beyond your university years, preparing you for an exciting future career.

CHOOSE TO critically examine and make an impact on our justice system.
CHOOSE TO join an empowering environment with like-minded individuals.
CHOOSE TO learn how government laws affect the world around you.


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for Ontario high school students:

  • ENG4U
  • Recommended for some Psychology programs: MHF4U

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Corrections Officer
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Social Worker
  • Lawyer

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Bold Stories

Photo of Mikayla - criminal justice program

“I love the Criminal Justice program because it has taught me so much in an engaging, thought-provoking and encouraging way. The professors are truly invested in their students and I am so excited to continue in my studies in order to pursue a career in law!”

Mikayla Castagna 
Photo of Mariah - criminal justice program

“ I knew the Community and Criminal Justice program would be a great fit for my interests, but I was blown away by the holistic approach Brescia takes in presenting the multitude of elements that contribute to the justice system. The material is so applicable; I utilize so much of what I learn not only in academic settings, but in professional and personal settings as well. ”

Mariah Veenstra

Photo of Katie - criminal justice program

“My time in Criminal Justice program taught me so much about the world, the people in it and how different individuals interact with our justice system. Now working in a law enforcement career, I feel equipped to approach every situation with more knowledge, compassion, and understanding!”

Katie Veznia

Class of 2019

Photo of Sarah - criminal justice program

“I chose to study Criminal Justice because I’ve always been interested in learning about criminals, why they commit unlawful acts, and how how justice is served. I watch a lot of psychological thrillers and hope to become a criminal profiler one day, something about that seems very exciting.”

Sarah Shirazi


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