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Have you considered becoming a leader in food product development? Or, are you curious to learn the impact foods and nutrition has on cultures around the world?

When you choose to study Foods and Nutrition, you will study a wide range of concepts surrounding nutrition, while diving into the impact the food industry has on our global world. Analyze societal determinants of health, research the chemical composition of food, or explore how cultures can influence food habits – in our Foods and Nutrition program, you decide! Under the guidance of your award-winning professors, you will evaluate nutritional merits of food products while increasing your research and critical thinking skills. Your understanding of foods and nutrition will be enhanced through a variety of enlightening courses, including: Fundamentals of Community Nutrition, Food Production Management, Nutrition Education and Communication, and Agriculture and Food Systems.

Did you know the Foods and Nutrition experience reaches far beyond the walls of the classroom? You have an opportunity to work with local farmers and food manufacturers to discover food industries and gain hands on experience with food production. Or, you can get involved in clubs to network with students like yourself in FRESH (Food Resources and Education for Student Health) and Nutrition Ignition. There, you will not only build your network with your peers and academic professors, but you will gain connections with professionals in your field. As part of our Foods and Nutrition program students also have the option to study the module Nutrition & Dietetics which is accredited by the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP).

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for Ontario high school students:

  • ENG4U
  • SBI4U
  • SCH4U
  • MCF3M or MCR3U
  • Strongly recommended: MCV4U or MHF4U

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Sensory Lab Coordinator
  • Food Product Developer
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Nutrition Manager

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Program Options

Explore a path towards your future degree. Click on the heptagons below to learn more.

  Honours Specialization Specialization Major Minor
Foods and Nutrition heptagon heptagon   heptagon
Nutrition Management     heptagon  
Nutrition and Dietetics** heptagon      
Nutrition and Dietetics/HBA Combined heptagon      
Nutrition and Families heptagon heptagon heptagon  
Food Management and Marketing heptagon heptagon heptagon  

**The Honours Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics is an accredited program, and a step towards becoming a Registered Dietitian in Canada. 

Discover our Foods and Nutrition program first-hand

Bold Stories

Photo of Gillian - nutrition degree

“ The Foods and Nutritional Sciences program at Brescia has allowed me to grow my knowledge through interactive learning environments, state of the art technology, modern day research and unique volunteer experiences. The faculty are dedicated to student success and creating a positive learning environment for their students. Additionally, I have become a part of an academic family, rooted in faith and women leadership and committed to making a difference in the world.   ”

Gillian Darlington


Photo of Lu - nutrition degree

“ During my four years in the Foods and Nutrition program, I gained knowledge in food processing, food safety, and food laboratory methods courses, while getting opportunities to visit industry plants which helped to make a connection between the classroom and real practice. These experiences guided me to "be bold" and share my nutrition knowledge with the community, and "choose to lead” into my future confidently. ”

Lu Bai

Class of 2019
Photo of Elisa - nutrition degree

“ I had the opportunity in the Food and Nutrition program to take industry related courses beyond dietetics. Brescia expanded my skills and knowledge in a variety of disciplines allowing me to graduate with a well-rounded degree that can apply to many different careers.   ”

Elisa Fitzpatrick

Class of 2019


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