Ursuline Hall at Brescia

Accessible Parking

To support the mobility needs of our diverse community, there are multiple accessible parking spots available on Brescia’s campus. Please ensure that you have supporting documentation to park in the designated areas.

If you have a Brescia parking permit:

Visit the Financial Services Office in the Ursuline Hall, Room. 237 or email brescia.parking@uwo.ca, equipped with valid evidence that you require accessible parking. Please be aware that valid evidence includes a letter from your medical doctor or professional stipulating the requirement for accessible parking and the duration of the accommodation. Brescia will issue you a Brescia Accessible Parking Pass (with an expiry date if the accessibility requirement is temporary) that must be displayed in your vehicle - in addition to your Brescia paid parking permit. Please note Brescia parking permit holders with ministry-issued accessible parking permits may display their Ministry-issued permit along with their Brescia parking permit and do not need to apply for the Brescia Accessible Parking Pass.

If you have a daily parking permit:

You are able to park in an accessible parking space if you have purchased a daily parking pass and have a valid Ministry-issued accessible parking permit in your name displayed in your vehicle. To purchase a daily parking pass, please visit the front desk in the Mother St. James Building.

Accessible parking spaces are available in LOT B (BLUE), located in the front of the Mother St. James building (entrance off Western Road) and in LOT C (YELLOW), located behind the Mother St. James building (entrance off Sarnia Road). Please be aware that although these spaces are located in reserved areas, they are the primary accessible parking spaces on Brescia’s campus and are therefore also open to unreserved permit holders and daily parking pass holders, who have appropriate evidence of accessibility needs.

For any questions regarding accessible parking on campus, please contact the Financial Services Office at brescia.parking@uwo.ca.