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Admission Pathway to York University Application

This form is to be completed by students in their final year of studies. This form is required no later than November 15 on an annual basis, along with your Applicant’s Teaching Profile Statement described below. Please note that on an annual basis, five students from the Brescia program will be selected to move forward in this process. Glendon does not accept individual applications as part of this agreement. However, you can apply to Glendon as a regular applicant.

Please review the requirements for native French speakers and non-native French speakers.

This is required.

Applicant's Teaching Profile Statement (1000 word Maximum)

This form is intended for the use of Brescia University College Selection Committee only. Please describe your reasons for wanting to become a teacher and how you feel that the commitment described above apply to you. Feel free to include French and your personal teaching-related experiences in your discussion. What do you feel are your strongest characteristics? Are there any areas on which you still need to work?

Please submit this statement to Melanie Molnar at