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Independent Study Opportunities

An independent study course provides a student the opportunity to work with a faculty member on a project of mutual interest. Students seek out such an opportunity by contacting instructors/faculty members whose research and scholarly interests match their own. Elements of an independent study course are arranged with the specific faculty member; that is what makes it an independent experience.

Student Expectations
All students are required to complete certain components during the course which could include a research report or a directed reading report  (in a format and style agreed upon with the supervisor).
Application Deadlines

Student must be enrolled in the course on or by the last day to add a course.  See the Western Academic Calendar for term dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I add these courses to my timetable?
The independent study courses require an application by students. The applications have deadlines; ensure that you have completed and submitted your application in advance of the deadline and have met the course requirements.  Once an application is approved, enrolment will be completed by Brescia's Registrar's Office.
How much time is involved with the independent study course?
Each independent study course is a unique arrangement between the student and faculty advisor. The expectations and required time commitment will be different for each student. There are required course components in addition to the project arranged with your supervisor, which may include a project proposal, abstract submission and presentation at the year-end research forum. There is also a weekly one-hour tutorial/seminar.
Can I take two independent study courses?
Yes. However, the projects must be substantially different so that you are not risking plagiarizing yourself.  The independent study course will be listed as two different half (0.5) courses which have different course codes.  You would be required to complete all course components for each course.
Are there scheduled and required class time for an independent study course?
There is no scheduled or required class time for students completing an Independent Study course but students may be required to designated a time to meet with your supervisor throughout the course of the term.
How do I find a supervisor for an independent study?
It is recommended that you contact potential supervisors early (usually in the spring for a fall independent study project and early fall for a winter term course). Consider your specific interests and approach faculty members at Brescia who share a similar area of interest and with whom you feel there would be a positive working relationship. Not all faculty members supervise independent study students. There is no list of potential supervisors.
Is every request for an independent study approved?
No. Requests will be approved based on faculty availability and alignment of interest between a student and a faculty member.


For more information about independent study opportunities, please connect with the Hive at Brescia.