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Penny Lynn M. Rintoul

Penny Rintoul


What inspired you to join the LEAD WITH US campaign as a volunteer?

I am a previous Brescia alumnae who wants other women to have the same experiences I had, well into Brescia’s second century.

Why do we need to support women’s education?

Women’s education has many advantages but in particular, it allows women to find their voices without having to deal with the more numerous and louder voices of men.

Why is a women’s only university still relevant today?

It’s important to ensure women have the opportunity to find their voices and feel empowered to strengthen their leadership styles so that we can increase the number of women in successful leadership roles.

Tell us briefly about your experience as a business leader.

I have practiced law for over 26 years. Despite working in quite a progressive sector (most of my clients are credit unions across Ontario), there were many occasions when I was the only woman in the room – and often I was the only spot of bright colour against the many men wearing grey, black and navy suits. The workplace has changed a lot over these last 26 years, but there’s still more work to do.

What is your conversation starter when talking to a community member?

If I’m talking about Brescia, I usually start by asking the person if he or she has heard about the University. The answer is often “no” because Brescia seems to be the best-kept secret, but we have to change this.