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Brescia University has been specifically designed to cater to women and those who identify as women. Our University’s personalized approach to education allows us to identify your gifts and provide the wraparound support to develop them. We are a University that calls to women, from around the world, who want to learn and lead in ways that align with their personalities, lifestyles & ambitions.

A place where you can stay true to yourself while
Changing the world.

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Take part in a Prestigious & Personalized Education

When we commit to delivering on the “Best of Both Worlds,” we mean it.

Our students get the immense benefits of participating in the broader Western University community, which includes:

  • Receiving a world-renowned Western Degree
  • Access to countless courses & programs across four campuses
  • Involvement in more than 200 clubs
  • Western’s internationally recognized Varsity Athletics Program
  • Participation in Canada’s third largest research university & member of the U15 group

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Brescia Proudly Brings Together Leaders from Around the World

We don’t just talk about diversity and inclusion, our students, faculty and staff make the effort to live these values every single day. International students contribute significant value to our campus and we are proud to create warm, welcoming and safe experiences for women who want to pursue a prestigious education.

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Defining Leadership

Meet Serena- One of the many talented women who put her Brescia business foundation to work

Serena Kung came to Brescia because she appreciated its special position within the broader Western community. She was impressed by our beautiful campus and was called to our University’s internationally-recognized School of Foods and Nutrition. Her seamless transition into Brescia included making lifelong connections, thoroughly enjoying her interactive courses and taking part in the wide range of initiatives that tend to be oversaturated at larger institutions.

"What I love about Brescia is you can really find your footing and feel like you are part of something. Thanks to all the opportunities available there, it kickstarts your journey in any direction you choose to go. When applied to Ivey, I used my Brescia experiences to show how much of an impact I was making. It’s not nearly as easy to demonstrate that level of initiative at other universities."

Serena Kung ‘18
Commercial Manager, Biosteel
Honours Business Administration (HBA), Ivey
Clara Sebben's Brescia Journey

A luxury residence suite all to herself, the ability to get to know her classmates and professors on a personal level and the close proximity to Western are just a few reasons Clara Sebben decided to attend Brescia. When choosing where she would pursue her degree, Clara’s top priority was a place that would support her wellbeing and academic success. Brescia’s commitment to student development empowered Clara to find her passion and nurture her personal and academic talents

"At Brescia, you actually get everything: the small, engaging classes, so much individualized attention, intellectually stimulating conversations and lifeenriching relationships. You walk around at Brescia and everyone smiles and greets you by name. Then, you walk right across the street to engage with the broader university community and take advantage of everything a huge institution, like Western, has to offer."

Clara Sebben '22
Double Major, English Literature & French Studies
Masters, English Literature '23
JD Law Candidate, Western Law '26
Brescia's Fearless Graduates Make It Without Ever Having to Fake it

By applying everything she did at Brescia, Holly Clemas curated an attention-getting portfolio that secured her spot within Canada’s leading university fashion program. Even before coming to Brescia, Holly was fully aware of what business classes could hold at a co-ed school. She had no desire to get talked over or intimated while trying to focus on bettering herself and her grades.

"Leadership is modeled by every person and within every program at Brescia. You see this really diverse representation of what that word means. I like to think I don’t fit in the mould of a typical businessperson. I have a personality that wouldn’t necessarily get captured on paper. Who I am wasn’t just allowed for at Brescia – it was encouraged."

Holly Clemas '22
BMOS, Double Major in
Marketing & Leadership Studies
Masters of Arts in Fashion,
Toronto Metropolitan University

Professional, Personal & Leader Development
Underpin Everything We Do Here

We are not interested in providing our students with a piece of paper and sending them out into the world unprepared. From the moment you arrive at Brescia, you will work alongside a dedicated team who prepares you to flourish as a person and professional.

Your personal Academic Advisor will help you map out your degree & ensure you meet every requirement to achieve it
Your Career Advisor will partner with you to turn your career dreams into ambitions you achieve
From enhancing your resume through to connecting you with paid internships & industry-leading alumae, we’ve got your professional best interests at heart
Our Wellness Peers will be there on your best & most challenging days to help you manage stress and cope with unforeseen circumstances
Our Librarians and Writing Centre Peers will be your go-to for every assignment, providing great advice while boosting your confidence and competencies

Brescia students get all these big school benefits with the added distinctions of our
Close-Knit Women’s Community:

Luxury residence suites – private, single rooms with Queen-sized beds
Small classrooms where participating is easy & confidence-building is at the forefront
One-on-one attention from Professors, Academic Advisors & Support Staff
A level of safety, diversity & inclusivity that is completely unique to our campus
More than $2 million in scholarships each year
Paid & Volunteer Research Opportunities alongside world-leading academics
An emphasis on leader development through experiential learning and value-based teaching

Brescia's Viewbook

This publication provides comprehensive details around academic programs, extra-curricular activities, campus life and what it means to Lead Your Way at Brescia.

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