Brescia student standing in front of iron gates

Canadian High School

The scholarships listed below are automatic and guaranteed to students graduating from Canadian high schools based on final admission averages, as calculated by Brescia. Entrance scholarships are renewable in subsequent years if students maintain an 80% average on 5.0 courses taken concurrently in the September to April term while registered at Brescia University.

Scholarship Number Awarded Academic Average Value
Board of Trustees Continuing Scholarship* Three Offered to the top three students in the entering class Full Academic Tuition
President's Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 95% + $4,000
Academic Dean's Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 92.0% - 94.9% $3,500
Brescia Faculty Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 90.0% - 91.9% $3,000
Brescia Entrance Scholarship for Academic Excellence Unlimited 85.0% - 89.9% $2,500
Brescia Scholars Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 82.0% - 84.9% $1,500

*Board of Trustees Continuing Scholarship cannot be held in conjunction with a Program Award.