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BUCSC Student Opportunity Grant

The Brescia University College Students’ Council (BUCSC) allocates $10,000.00 annually to the BUCSC Grants Fund. Any Brescia student (regardless of affiliation to council, clubs, etc.) can access this fund. The grants fund can be accessed for “Student Opportunities”. 
The BUCSC recognizes that many students participate in extracurricular academic activities throughout the academic year. Many of these activities allow students the opportunity for personal and professional development, and the opportunity to represent Brescia in the wider community.

A student can fill out an application form for funding that would support them financially in attending a conference, joining a workshop or any other extracurricular academic opportunity. Please note that the grant may provide financial assistance but may not finance an initiative to its entirely. 

Any Brescia student or organization affiliated with Brescia or the BUCSC, requesting funds for a student opportunity, must complete the Student Opportunity Grant Application Form and submit it along with the necessary supporting information. Once submitted, the application will be considered by the Financial Aid Office and the applicant will be notified of the decision.

Qualifying Opportunities
What are you planning to use the grant funding for?*

Please attach related documentation that supports the costs of the opportunity.
Mandatory Declaration 

  1. The information contained in this application is complete and true in all respects. Failure to provide complete accurate and updated information may preclude the application from receiving assistance now or in the future and may also result in the original decisions being recanted. I am responsible for notifying, in writing, the Business Office of any changes to my application.
  2. If any information is found to be untrue, I agree to pay back any funds I have received as a result of the application.
  3. I hereby authorize the Business Office or other representative of Brescia University College to conduct an investigation to audit and verify the information provided in this application and/or accompanying documentation, and we release the rights that we may otherwise have with respect to confidentiality of the information supplied, as may be required by Donors and/or the College.
  4. I am aware that communication of any decision resulting from this application will be done via my Western email address.
If you have read and understand the above statement, please include your name and date below.