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Choose to enhance your student experience at Brescia by applying to live in Clare Hall! 

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Emergency Contact Information 
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Room Style Preference*
If room style is requested due to medical condition, please provide details below and send appropriate documentation to Room styles are limited and not guaranteed.
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Meal Plan and Dietary Needs

Each resident must purchase a meal plan, which can be used to make purchases in the The Mercato and Starbucks kiosk, Clare Hall. Students are automatically enrolled in Meal Plan "A". For a heartier meal plan, students may contact the Brescia Business Office and enroll in Meal Plan "B". Students may also "top-up" their meal plan at any time throughout the year.
If you have a special dietary need, you must identify those needs here in specific terms in order that Brescia may determine whether or not such dietary needs can be met. This information will be shared with our food service provider. It will be assumed by Brescia University College that if no special dietary needs are disclosed or identified here, you do not require accommodation.

Medical Conditions and Additional Factors


Please state below any additional factors (ie. medical reasons, special needs, disabilities) of which the Residence Manager should be aware. Accommodations are available for students with special considerations. However, we will only be able to make arrangements for students with special considerations, if we are told about them below. Anyone requesting special considerations for residence due to medically related needs must provide supporting documentation from your doctor by July 1. Please email this documentation to immediately.

If you wish us to take account of a medical condition that would not be described as a disability, we require that you give a brief summary below and send us supporting documentation from your doctor. Please explain what special needs and accommodations you have because of this medical condition. Supporting documentation must be provided by July 1.

Please note that residence is high-density living and it may be difficult to control the environment to the extent that some students require. The Residence Life Staff can act as a resource to help educate others but we do not make special arrangements for students with allergies or migraines. It is up to students to assess whether accommodation in this environment is safe and conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Students who have a medical condition which exists before they come to Brescia should note that this cannot be used as grounds for appeal should they withdraw before the academic year is complete.

Certification of Information

I certify that the particulars furnished are true and complete in all aspects, and that no relevant information has been withheld. I have communicated to Brescia University College any pre-existing health problems or illnesses so that proper care and attention can be given when/if necessary. Brescia University College, reserves the right to refuse, change or terminate residence accommodation if it becomes apparent that I have withheld any essential medical information or that a physical or mental condition while in residence appears to affect the well being of other students. I understand that Brescia University College reserves the right to cancel any application on medical or other grounds, and I agree if assigned to Brescia Residence to comply with the Residence Policies and the Regulations of Brescia University College. I understand that the $800 deposit must be submitted within 10 days of the application or the application will not be considered. I also understand that once an offer of residence has been made, this deposit will not be returned, should I wish to withdraw my application. I have read and understood all the information that is written in the Residence Application Instructions.

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Have you read the rules, regulations and expectations outlined in the Residence Handbook and the Residence Agreement and agree to abide by these. *

Payment Options

Payment through online banking is preferred. Simply go to your bank’s website (i.e. Canadian major banks only), log in and use the search word “Brescia” to find and add “Brescia University College” as a payee. When prompted for an account number, please enter your nine-digit student number. For online banking, please complete the transaction 2-3 business days prior to the deadline to allow for bank processing. You will receive an email at the address you provided on your application to confirm that we have received your application and deposit. If you have not received confirmation within one week, it is your responsibility to contact the Residence Manager at 519.432.8353 x28156 or

How do you intend to pay?*
In order for your application to be processed, all steps must be completed with deposit.