Brescia University

Care Program

Welcome to Brescia's Care Program

Supporting student success is at the heart of all that happens within the Brescia community. Some of the key ways we support and care for our campus community is by looking out for each other, identifying any concerning behaviour that may be impacting a student's ability to be successful and safe on campus, and creating a coordinated response that best supports our campus, especially our students. This is the central mission of Brescia's Care Program.

The Care Program works by receiving concerns from staff and faculty and then working with our community to help our students get connected with the appropriate resources for their situation. The earlier we can connect a student to those resources, the sooner they can get back on track to success.

As partners, we invite staff and faculty to become familiar with the resources available to you through the Care Program so you can feel empowered to further support student success in our community, particularly when a student is experiencing difficulty. We also invite our students to become familiar with the ways the Care Program can support you in accessing help early, building your resilience, and managing your success when facing the difficulties and challenges that impact you.

At Brescia, we all have a role to play in student success and we're here to help! For questions about the Care Program, please contact us at: