Brescia University

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Communications

If you dial 911 from a Brescia landline phone on campus, you will be connected directly to Western Special Constable Service (WSCS). WSCS will then dispatch the appropriate emergency service (Fire Department, Police or Ambulance).

If you dial 911, it is important to always:

  • Remain calm
  • Give your name
  • State that you are calling from King’s University College
  • Give the building name and the room number, if possible
  • Indicate the nature of the emergency
  • State which services are required

Stay on the line as long as possible to make sure that the information has been clearly communicated.

If you dial 911 from a cell phone or pay phone, you will be connected with London Police Emergency. Please provide the same information as listed above.

Non-Emergency Situations

  • Clare Hall Reception: 519.858.5150
  • Western Special Constable Service: 519.661.3300
  • City Police: 519.661.5670

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