Brescia University


Joining a club is a great way to explore interests, build community and enhance your student experience. As a Brescia student, you have the opportunity to participate in both Brescia and Western clubs with the Brescia University College Students' Council and University Students' Council.

Brescia Students' Council Clubs

The BUCSC hosts a variety of clubs giving you the opportunity to meet and interact with other students who have similar interests as you. If you cannot find a club dedicated to a certain interest or passion of yours – start your own!

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Western University Students' Council Clubs

The USC offers about 200 clubs that are available to Western, Huron, King's and Brescia students. Their clubs include the following categories:

  • Academics
  • Business and Finance
  • Community Volunteering and Philanthropy
  • Cultural
  • Health and Wellness
  • Hobbies and Special Interests
  • International Volunteering and Philanthropy
  • Music and Performing Arts
  • Politics and Social Justice
  • Sports

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