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Career & Future

Taking Care of Your Future

Career Appointments: 1-1 appointments are being offered via Zoom video conferencing and in-person, socially-distanced, as needed. Staff will go over COVID safety protocols with you in preparation for your in-person appointment. 

Book yourself an appointment directly through our online booking system. Appointments are 30-mins with one of our staff and in your first appointment, they will outline the kinds of topics, discussions, and work you can accomplish together. There’s a reason why we say career planning is life planning, and our team is here to help with all of it. Let’s talk!

Virtual Drop-In Career Advising: What’s Next in the Here & Now? If you have job or career-related worries, anxieties, or questions about your future and how to plan and prepare given the world’s current circumstances, drop-in to chat with us. Whether you’re graduating or looking for summer work, this new service is for you. *Hours will resume in September--stay tuned!

We’ve also designed MyCAREER JOURNEY as a guide to prepare you for all of the necessary elements that are part of preparing for one’s future. Get introduced to the career development process and learn how to gain clarity on what’s important to you and what you want for your future. To make informed decisions and move towards your goals (or establish your goals for the first time!), we encourage you to use these tools. We’re here to join you in your journey.

My Career Journey model with five core areas

Resources to support your career learning and success

We offer a variety of digital career learning resources to help you wherever you are in your journey, no matter where you are located. Find information on topics, such as:

  • Self-exploration and assessments
  • Researching your career options
  • Networking
  • Preparing for further education,
  • Finding work
  • Resume and cover letter writing…and more!