Brescia Chapel

Brescia Chapel

Brescia’s Chapel houses a rich and diverse community while quietly holding welcoming space for all.  Its historic significance for our community includes monumental representations of over a century of women leading.


In memory of the Gauklers, the crucifix was made and shipped to Brescia from Belgium.


Made from gold thread donated by Mrs. Agnes Pocock, who also gave $200 for the painting of the chapel in 1944.


The white marble pedestals was a gift from Mr. Francis Gaukler and the large wooden pedestals were procured by Mother Gertrude.


Made by the Globe Furniture Company of Waterloo, Ontario and designed by Mother Clare.

Stained Glass Windows

The windows of Our Lady’s shrine are of Munich glass, donated by Mr. John Boyd, the architect. The other stained glass windows were produced in Toronto and represent scenes from Mary’s life.