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Omni: Academic Search Tool

Your access to library collections just increased by millions of items thanks to Omni, the new academic search tool that brings together the collections of 16 partner institutions.

The Beryl Ivey Library, together with our affiliated library partners at Western University, Huron University College, and Kings University College, is excited to introduce Omni, a search tool that will give you fast and easy access to a vast collection of diverse print and digital, high-quality, academic research resources. With Omni, you’ll be able to broaden the scope of your research projects and reach your research goals with ease and confidence.

Why a new search tool?

Our current library catalogue was over 20 years old and was primarily designed for discovery and management of physical collections. Omni will increase the breadth of physical collections immediately searchable by Brescia & our partner university communities, while substantially improving the search and discovery experience for library users seeking access to digital collections.

Why a shared system?

By implementing Omni together with our affiliated library partners and Ontario partner institutions, we can offer broader access to resources for our communities. We’ll have the common infrastructure needed to work together in new ways, share expertise, and collaborate more efficiently in managing and preserving our collections.

What does a new library services system mean for you?

Omni will provide broader and more streamlined access to resources both in our local collection as well as in those of our partners. You’ll gain access to millions of items currently available in the shared collections of the 16 participating universities. It will also introduce a modern search engine with powerful new features for both novice and advanced researchers to discover and access print and digital materials.