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Are you an aspiring business leader? Do you thrive on creating innovative solutions for organizational needs?

When you choose to study Management & Organizational Studies (MOS), you will be inspired to be a leader in our ever-changing world. Understand what, when, where and why consumers buy and how to design and market products and services to meet their needs, or apply leadership theories and management skills to decision-making in a nonprofit context – in the MOS program, you decide! Under the guidance of your business-savvy professors, you will gain problem solving, communication and decision-making skills through a variety of dynamic courses, including: Business Communications, Integrated Marketing Communications and a field project – Small Business Consulting.

Are you ready to take your MOS experience beyond the classroom? You could be eligible for the opportunity to participate in in an experiential internship experience, allowing you to apply your skills to real organizations. To help grow your network, you will be encouraged to participate in professional organizations that will expand your connections on a national level. Together, let’s empower women leaders in business!

CHOOSE TO become a leader in developing solutions to business challenges.
CHOOSE TO gain a competitive business foundation.
CHOOSE TO learn in a collaborative environment.


Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for Ontario high school students:

  • ENG4U
  • Two of the following: MHF4U, MCV4U, or MDM4U
  • Recommended for Food Management & Marketing:
    SCH4U or SCH3U

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities for graduates include:

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Bold Stories

Photo of Raine.

“The MOS program was probably the best life decision I made. The professors teach from real life experiences and their support is truly amazing. Not only do I benefit from the experience and support from the MOS faculty and staff, I know that today, Brescia has made me an even better person.”

Raine Williams


Photo of Natalie.

“The collaborative environment in the BMOS program caters to most learning styles.  In almost every industry effective and efficient communication are paramount. Participating in a small class is similar to sitting in a meeting, you have to be able to ‘think on your feet’ and work with others ideas to come up with a plan of action – studying at Brescia prepared me for my future in audit.”

Natalie Hajpel CPA, CA

Class of 2011

Program Options

Explore a path towards your future degree. Click on the heptagons below to learn more.

  Honours Specialization Specialization Major Minor
Food Management & Marketing heptagon heptagon heptagon  
Non-profit Management heptagon heptagon    
Consumer Behaviour   heptagon heptagon  
Accounting     heptagon  

Majors in Non-profit Management, Consumer Behaviour and Accounting are part of the Honours BMOS Double Major program and can be combined with Majors from other disciplines.

Program Modules

Tailor your degree towards your personal interests through our modules.

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