Two students having a wellness conversation


Mental health counselling is a common service for post-secondary students, as the post-secondary experience comes with challenge and change.

The technical name for counselling is psychotherapy, which is “primarily a talk-based therapy and is intended to help people improve and maintain their mental health and well-being…where both [client and therapist] work together to bring about positive change in the client’s thinking, feeling, behaviour and social functioning. Individuals usually seek psychotherapy when they have thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviours that are adversely affecting their day-to-day lives, relationships and the ability to enjoy life.” (CRPO, 2019)

How Do I Book an Appointment?

If you would like to book an appointment select the Book Now button below, or if you have questions and/or don't see any available times, please contact the Manager of Student Wellness  via email at or call 519-432-8353, ext. 20670.

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Please be aware the Student Wellness Services works regular business hours. As such, your email will be answered during that time. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and need support in the moment, please contact Reach Out at 1-866-933-2023.

What to expect at your first appointment:

Brescia's Mental Health Counsellor aims to provide students with evidence based, short-term mental wellness support, through a brief change-oriented model. This service offers confidential psychotherapy appointments.

Counselling appointments can be accessed through an initial intake appointment with the Student Wellness Manager. They will focus on asking questions to understand the student’s concern, followed up with booking the student in for an initial counselling appointment. Prior to attending their first appointment, students will be required to complete some preliminary paperwork.

During the first appointment, the counsellor will work collaboratively with students to establish a plan to address identified concerns. Counselling appointments will last 50 minutes. Many students find that one appointment is all they need to get back on track, and others may benefit from a few follow-up appointments. Students looking for long-term counselling will be directed to a range of supports that are available online and in the community.

Additional Supports:

Alternatively, if you are looking for on-going, longer term counselling, you can explore Psychology Today for a private practitioner. Private therapists can typically be covered under your student health benefits (Purple Care). Please reach out to the Manager, Student Wellness if you have questions or need help navigating services. 

For undergraduate students, when you pay your ancillary fees, you are automatically enrolled into the USC Student Health Plan, which covers up to $750.00 of psychotherapy per year. To submit a claim, sign up for your student account on the benefits website.

For graduate students, you are automatically enrolled into the SOGS Student Health Plan, which covers up to $600.00 towards psychotherapy per year, with a return of 80% of the fees paid. 

CMHA Virtual After Hours Crisis Counselling

Students can set up an appointment by emailing during their operating hours.

All appointments will take place over Zoom or phone. 

CMHA Crisis Counselling will return on October 10 through to December 9 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 5-9pm. 

International Students & For Brescia Students Outside of Canada 

International student wellness is a key priority at Brescia. The Coordinator of International Programs and Global Education at Brescia can assist with a number of practical issues while you are studying at Brescia. 

The International and Exchange Student Centre at Western launched an entire website dedicated to student wellness. Please visit to access a variety of resources and reading for international students.

As a member of International SOS, support services are available 24/7. Emotional Support services through International SOS (ISOS) entitles you to up to five sessions of structured counseling with a mental health counselor.

You can contact ISOS 24/7 via phone (1-215-942-8479 or any of the Assistance Center phone numbers, collect calls accepted), or through the Assistance App. Login to access Western's (including Brescia and the Affiliated University Colleges) ISOS membership number.

Black and Racialized Student Supports
For Black and Racialized students who are experiencing race-related stress and are seeking a safe space to talk, they can request to speak with counsellors who are themselves persons of these communities with lived experience. Please call 519 661-3030 to book an appointment at Western Student Health and Wellness and/or visit our Brescia Baines Peer Support Spaces.