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Health Sciences

When you choose to study Health Sciences at Brescia, your education will help you develop an appreciation for the world’s emerging health issues and inspire you to think globally and strategically to create innovative solutions.

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     Try volunteering in a related field (health, wellness, medical) to gain hands-on experience, expand your network and connect with the community.

    Become a student leader through a SLC program like Career Peers, Wellness Peers, or Soph Peer Mentoring.

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    Connect with a governing body in your field to learn more about occupational trends and make connections with people working your field.

    Do the research! Try Career Cruising or Job Bank: Explore Careers to learn about broader occupational trends in areas of interest.

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    Figuring out what’s next requires action and reflection: Talk through your action plan or next steps in a Career Group Advising session or book a one-on-one appointment with a SLC Career Advisor.

Our Health Sciences grads bring the following Brescia Competencies to the world

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    Inquiry & Analysis

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    Problem Solving

Your Degree at Work: Industries/Employers  

  • Occupational Health & Safety: Private sector, public health, hospitals or municipal governments
  • Healthcare: Universities and colleges, hospitals and medical clinics, medical schools or health networks
  • Public Policy & Government: Policy analysis and creation, municipal, provincial and federal offices or health Canada
  • Research: Educational policy, medical research, hospitals or clinics
  • Business & Consulting: Healthcare consulting firms (in positions including management, finance, marketing and insurance consultant roles), global management or consulting firms
  • Non-Profit: Development and sustainability, community organizing and advocacy work (on health care access, poverty, equal rights, etc.) or international organizations

A Lifetime of Learning: Further Education

  • MCISc Hearing Science
  • Certificate in Clinical Trials Management
  • M.Sc Nursing
  • MScOT Occupational Therapy
  • MCISc Speech & Language Pathologist
  • MPT Physical Therapy
  • Diploma in Pedorthics
  • Graduate Diploma or Master’s Degree in Applied Health Sciences


  • Occupational Health & Safety: Safety analyst, environment health, health and safety specialist, registered occupational hygienist or abilities case management advisor
  • Healthcare: Audiologist, nurse, physiotherapist, speech-language pathologist, pedorthist, emergency medical technician, health coach or healthcare management professional
  • Public Policy & Government: Policy analys
  • Research: Clinical trials manager, research technician or research assistant
  • Business: Business analyst, clinical studies specialist, consultant or healthcare consultants specialist
  • Non-Profit: Community engagement coordinator, medical writer or social justice organizer


  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Public Policy & Government
  • Policy Analyst at Ontario Ministry of Health
  • Long-Term Care
  • Research
  • Business

Professional Associations and Industry-Related Networks:

  • Association of Local Public Health Agencies
  • Canadian Alliance of Community Health Centre Associations
  • Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Canadian Association of Gerontology
  • Canadian Association for Health Services and Policy Research
  • Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada
  • Ontario College of Teachers