Brescia University


Campus Ministry at Brescia provides spiritual direction to students, faculty and staff through a variety of opportunities. While the University is rooted in the Ursuline tradition, in the Catholic faith, Brescia welcomes all religions, beliefs and backgrounds by celebrating our unity in diversity. 

Students are encouraged to get involved making a difference through their own journey of faith and positively impacting the community as a whole.

We believe: 

  • In engaging a wholistic development of the self
  • In developing relationships with each other
  • In understanding the relationships to which we're called
  • In sharing the gifts we have been given with others
  • In seeking truth in ecumenical and multi-faith dimensions with mutual respect
  • In helping others in their search for meaning as they discern life's direction
  • In caring for our Brescia community and the world

We value: 

  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Uniqueness of each Person // the dignity of every person //
  • Community
  • Worship
  • Discipleship
  • Contemplation & Action

Spirituality and Health

  1. Faith

    When you believe without seeing, you increase your body’s resistance to stress.

  2. Hope

    Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude during times of difficulties can increase mental wellness.

  3. Praying on knees icon


    A release of past negativity and the willingness to forgive yourself and others will lower stress and anxiety.


  4. Love icon

    Love & Social Support

    Finding a support system can decrease your probability of illness by resisting unhealthy behaviours. 

  5. Prayer hands icon


    By speaking to a higher power you release negative energy which welcomes healing across all cultures.