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The Ursula Project - Bear Hugs

Ursula Bear wearing a blue sweater Extraordinary times call for simple yet extraordinary measures. A little bear with a big message.  A little bear with a big mission.  Ursula, ‘little female bear,’ reminds us to have courage—and steadfast faith—amidst all we face.

Companion, Story Engager, Community Connector, Supporter, Change Maker, Spirit Embracer, Global Ambassador.

This little bear with a big message shares hope as we reach out into community and beyond.  We are grateful for our community friends who have helped us translate this message into over 20 languages, embracing the gift and beauty of culture and diversity as The Ursula Project supports, builds and strengthens connection!   

We take seriously our responsibility to contribute to spirit, health, medicine, and well-being.  We are committed to reconciliaction, truth and reconcilation.  Compassion and right relationship lead to justice and peace.  

Simple, yet extraordinary measures are called for.  Our foundresses, the Ursuline Sisters, knew this.  January 27th is a special day for us!  In 1535, a group of women formed and moved out into uncharted regions and pathways to tend to needs, to empower people, and to care for every aspect of our fragile island home and the space which surrounds it.  Committed to Wisdom, Justice, and Compassion—to contemplation and action—they provided for us a legacy of women who are reaching out into the world and beyond to make a difference in it. ‘Ursula’ honours them and their extraordinary sacrifices of love.

Bear Hugs—made possible thanks to generous donors and ambassadors—are gifted by way of photos, bookmarks, note cards and messages of hope as Ursula is shared with those in need of connection.  

The Ursula Project has proudly provided bear hugs and support to: long-term care, students in crisis, newcomers to Canada, children's camp and library programs, emergency response and responders, after-care, crises support, displaced families and children, and support at the Ukrainian border—among others.  Ursula is also currently 500 miles from the North Pole in Alert, in Kuwait, headed to Alaska, and soon headed to the Dene Nation, to Oneida of the Thames, to the Kerala Region of India, to New York, to the North Atlantic Ocean and to the Arctic Seas! 

We celebrate the beauty of the many lives and interconnections we have been privileged to learn from.  We look forward to sharing Ursula as broadly as possible through your support.  

We look forward to sharing photos, story, and connection as we develop interactive media, with gratitude to all our ambassadors and community friends.  

"Be kind and compassionate toward each other.
Build community wherever you go."
- St. Angela Merici

For further information on The Ursula Project and Bear Hugs—or to engage story as a Community Connector or Global Ambassador—please contact: Catherinanne George, Director of Mission and Ministry. 

We are grateful to all our community friends, connectors, and supporters who help give bear hugs through photos, story, and sharing hope!  You are our greatest donors.  Thank you for the many ways you spread love and care!   For those who wish to support the Project financially, donations can be made online above, by cheque made payable to "Brescia University College", or by e-transfer to - in comments, please note 'Ursula Project, Donation' and include your contact information for tax receipt (issued under Revenue Canada on donations $20 or more)Correspondence can be sent to: 1285 Western Rd. London, ON N6G 1H2. attn. Catherinanne George, The Ursula Project.

Watch for news from The Ursula Project, including photo collages.  If you would like to be added to communications, please send us your contact information.

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